The "FOREVER Income" Clause

Social Security can't touch it, alter it, or revoke it... But if you are approved, you can choose to collect up to an extra $2,044 or more every month, for life, entirely outside of the U.S. Government

NOTE: This strategy is not affiliated with the U.S. Social Security Trust Fund in any way — nor is it managed, subsidized or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency. It does not replace Social Security or your ability to collect it.

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Dear Reader,

At a glance, "Form 0717-798X" looks like no different than the Form SSA-1 you fill out to collect Social Security...

Form 0717-798X

There's a place for your name... address... and retirement status.

But that's where the similarities end...

Because thanks to this little-known form, thousands of Americans have taken advantage of a financial strategy that gives them an additional stream of income in retirement, completely separate from what they receive from Social Security and other government benefits.

The best part is, it can often result in monthly income that's 3 to 5 times higher than what most folks get from their Social Security payment.

For example, I showed this strategy to a senior named Don P. who currently receives $2,800 a month from Social Security. He now says he will be "easily be adding twice the amount of [his] Social Security check each month" in extra income.

George C. and his wife were living on Social Security when I told him about the Forever Income Clause. In his first year, he used it each month to collect an extra check of around $6,000 every month. That's more than $70,000 in extra income per year!

Even better, if you receive approval (I estimate about half of Americans will), and follow a few simple steps I'll share with you today, you could collect $1,000s, month after month, as long as you choose. Even better, you can do this FOREVER...

That's why I call it the "Forever Income Clause."

Because if you learn this strategy and repeat a few simple steps each month, you could collect $1,000s in addition to your current Social Security and retirement income, for as long as you want.

And the best part is, there's nothing the Social Security Administration can do to prevent you from collecting this extra income each month. That's because the money you receive doesn't come from the Social Security Administration or any government agency at all.

Personally, I've collected enough income with this opportunity each year to pay for special dinners, living expenses, even gasoline for my car. And I'm not alone...

I shared the Forever Income Clause with Jim F. — an Oregon man who emailed me to say, "My wife sat here by my side one morning to watch me as I collected $7,000. All in all, in the last year, I've collected about $35,000."

Marcia G. is a 72-year-old retiree — who began collecting Social Security 7 years ago. She now tells me: "I make about the same amount using [the Forever Income Clause] as my Social Security every month."

In other words — she's essentially DOUBLED the amount of retirement income she gets each month, by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Tony R. writes simply: "I have collected an average income of $1,170 per month."

And don't worry: This will never impact how much you collect from Social Security. It's simply an extra income stream that 50% or more of retirees don't even realize they can take advantage of through their investing accounts.

For example — 70-year-old small business owner Bob M. learned about this secret from me and says, "Without this information, I would have missed out on tens of thousands of dollars. My Social Security check is incidental."

And here's the incredible part...

You can collect this extra income no matter how old you are!

In my experience, U.S. seniors tend to take advantage of this strategy more than anyone else... but theoretically, even a 20-year-old can collect this money. In fact — I've shown folks of all ages how to get started...

For example — Brenda E. was a 45-year-old stay-at-home mother when I first showed her how it works. She collected $9,000 in just her first two months.

George W. told me he's waiting until age 66 to collect Social Security, but after learning about the Forever Income Clause, he now executes a simple plan each month that makes him an additional check that "easily equals my projected Social Security benefit and is often 2 to 3 times that amount."

He also told me, "Social Security alone would never be enough to support my retirement."

And frankly, that's the biggest reason I'm sharing this secret... And why I urge you to learn how it works right away, no matter what your situation...

Get Paid More Income Than
Just Social Security

You see, Social Security's not what it used to be.

In 2017, the Social Security Administration reported that the average monthly benefit for retired workers was about $1,400... or $17,000 per year.

And yet, according to U.S. News and World Report — average housing costs alone are about $14,000 per year for retirees.

How can anyone survive on Social Security anymore?

Personally, I think it's an insult that after contributing to the Social Security System for decades, the average payout is barely enough to keep a roof over your head. Especially considering that the Social Security Administration has stated publicly that the system's reserves will be entirely depleted by 2034!

That's why taking advantage of the "Forever Income Clause" right now could mean the difference between "just getting by" in your retirement... and making sure you NEVER, EVER run out of money.

For example, Steve R. hasn't begun collecting Social Security yet, but is now collecting so much additional income by taking advantage of the Forever Income Clause, he told me "if Social Security is still around and pays out, it's just gravy for me."

And remember: the Social Security Administration doesn't determine how much you can collect using the Forever Income Clause. That's because the money you receive doesn't come from the government or any government agency.

Legally, they can't lift a finger to stop you from using Form 0717-798X to secure an additional income stream for retirement!

So if it makes you uncomfortable to add an additional source of income that roughly 50% of Americans know nothing about, then I'll tell you right now... This is NOT for you.

But most Americans I've met have no problem whatsoever demanding (and receiving) all of this extra income, because it doesn't impact any other check they receive in retirement.

For example, Jack P. told me that by using the Forever Income Clause he now has an additional income stream that "far exceeds" his Social Security income. Nice work, Jack.

And even better, all he did was fill out a simple, 3-page form, and follow a few additional steps I'll share with you today to get started. Jack even said it was far easier than figuring out his Social Security benefits!

As I mentioned earlier, the form is called 0717-798X.

Depending on where you live, the form may have a slightly different name. But once you fill it out, you can receive extra income, FOREVER. And all it takes is about 15 minutes a month.

You see, the biggest limitation of Social Security is that it isn't guaranteed. After all, Social Security isn't a constitutional right.

Remember, the government has already acknowledged the Social Security "trust fund", if there ever was one, will be depleted in less than 16 years!

The government could vote to eliminate the program altogether tomorrow, and millions of Americans would be out in the cold.

As Jim Horney from the Center on Budget Priorities told USA Today, future Social Security checks shouldn't be seen as a liability for the government. That's because they can reduce benefits or raise taxes at any time. He says, "Retirement programs are not legal obligations."

Even worse, if Social Security is still around when you collect your benefits, there's always going to be a limit to how much you can receive.

For example, if you earned the maximum amount possible for each of the 35 working years Social Security bases your benefits on, and waited until you are 70 to begin collecting, your total benefits would be just $3,698 per month.

Compare that to Bill C. — who took advantage of the Forever Income Clause and wrote, "Made over $13,000 in January... Made about $75,000 last year."

Even better, because the Forever Income Clause exists outside the government, Bill C. can collect as much income as he chooses without ever impacting the amount he collects from the Social Security system each month.

To me — it's outrageous that after paying taxes for decades, you're expected to be happy with the measly benefits offered by Social Security.

For example, did you know you could actually collect less from the Social Security system than you paid into it?

That's why, ultimately, there's no telling how much you can depend on Social Security to get you by during your retirement.

Which is why I believe it is absolutely critical for anyone near or at retirement age to learn how to take advantage of the Forever Income Clause to earn additional income.

And why I've made it my mission to share this secret with tens of thousands of retirees across America over the last 10 years.

Even if it doesn't allow you to earn income that is more than what you receive from Social Security, it could still have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle...

For example — Patrick M. tried this secret and told me he's "only" able to earn about 75% as much as he receives from his average Social Security payment each month performing this strategy.

But keep in mind: for the average recipient receiving $1,400 a month from Social Security, that amounts to an additional $1,050 a month! Nice work, Patrick.

That's enough to sock away some money for a kid's education... pay off debt... or do whatever you please with.

For example, Joe M. heard about this opportunity from me and wrote me a nice note saying: "We just got back from a 3-day mini-vacation in the mountains of Colorado. It was easily paid for. Thanks, Doc."

Which reminds me...

I haven't introduced myself...

Hi. My Name Is Dr. David Eifrig.

Dr. David Eifrig

But many of my friends and readers simply call me "Doc."

I worked on Wall Street for a decade trading derivatives for several of the world's top investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, where I handled billions of dollars for our clients.

Back then I was a typical Wall Street "hotshot" working 12 hours a day and living the high life... Weekends in Cancun... free opera tickets...

It was a nice life.

But even though I learned a lot and made a lot of money on Wall Street... I got fed up with the way these big institutions really work.

The Wall Street Journal even profiled me in 1991 when I started to appreciate all the greed I saw at Goldman Sachs and quit...

The Wall Street Journal

So at age 37, I retired and began a second life as a medical doctor. I put myself through med school, and even became a board eligible eye-surgeon.

Sadly, I soon discovered that even though the medical system is great in this country, and there are many incredible doctors, just like Wall Street, it's filled with inefficiencies, and bad incentives.

I knew I wanted to make a difference in people's lives....

But I realized that, rather than helping just a few people each day, I could do it more effectively by writing to thousands of people about what I'd learned during my time on Wall Street and in the medical system.

So I left medicine with a single plan:

To research and write about all the best ways Americans can live a better, richer, healthier, and more fulfilling retirement.

And over the last decade, I've found that the number one factor that prevents retirees from achieving the lifestyle they planned for and deserve is a lack of stable income.

Which is why I spend so much of my time researching and testing little-known tips, techniques and strategies for increasing your income, immediately, often at no cost to you.

For example, several years ago I heard rumors that some seniors were using little-known strategies to dramatically increase their Social Security checks...

Turns out, these strategies were 100% legal, and nobody was talking about it.

In fact, I discovered that 97% of Americans fail to collect the maximum Social Security check that they qualify for!

And by some estimates, Americans leave more than $10 billion on the table every year because they don't optimize their benefits.

It's a confusing system...

I'd wager most Americans don't even realize that there are 12 different benefits you can qualify for to collect from Social Security...

Like Social Security benefits on your child's work history.

And benefits you can collect at any age.

As a result, Americans have thrown billions of dollars of what is essentially free money from the U.S. government, right down the drain!

It reminds me of my sophomore year in college. At the time, I was borrowing money for college, and I was paying around 7% interest on my loans. Meanwhile, I realized I could get nearly 22% returns — totally risk free — by simply putting my money into money-market funds.

So I quickly took out as many college loans as I could at 6% to 8%... and dumped the money in accounts which, at their peak, paid me 22% a year for my cash.

It was easy money, about guaranteed... all thanks to Uncle Sam!

And for the last decade, I've written about literally hundreds of useful "secrets" like these.

For example, I've shared a little-known secret you can use to extract $100s in silver from the U.S. banking system.

I've written about ways to get your prescription drugs, literally free of charge, and how to save about 30% on every other healthcare expense.

I've even discovered a way to knock 50% off your cable bill each month.

In other words — if there's a legal way to generate even $1 of extra income in America today, chances are, I've tried it...

And that's how I first came across the little-known income strategy I've been telling you about today...

The Forever Income Clause

As you already know...

When it comes to Social Security, you pay in a certain amount over the course of a lifetime... and you get back a certain amount every month once you retire.

For example, according to a 2013 study by a nonpartisan research organization, a couple who has earned average income over their life and plan to retire in 2020, will have paid $821,000 in Social Security taxes.

The only problem is, that same couple will only receive $712,000 in Social Security benefits over the course of their lifetime.

If you do the math, your total return is -14%!

Sadly, this happens because Washington bureaucrats have spent decades ransacking the Social Security trust fund to finance hundreds of initiatives, like the notorious $452 million earmark Congress approved in 2005 to build a bridge in Alaska to serve a community of only a few dozen people.

Paying into Social Security is a transaction required by law. It isn't something you can refuse to contribute to, and I don't recommend you try to avoid paying taxes.

There's no way around it. As a working American, you will probably take a loss on the money you get from Social Security, period.

The Forever Income Clause, on the other hand, works differently...

You deposit a certain amount of money upfront.

But 1) you DON'T give this money to the government.

2) you have FULL CONTROL over this deposit.

And 3) The Social Security Administration can't limit how much income you choose to collect through this transaction, because the money you receive comes from the private sector. Not from the U.S. government or any government agency.

Using the money you deposit, you can make a specific transaction, which allows you to collect instant payouts of literally several $100s and even $1,000s upfront each month. What makes it all possible is a unique role that your deposit plays in the financial market, which I'll explain in a moment.

Unlike Social Security, the amount you collect isn't a fixed amount. So each month you'll need to follow a few simple steps online and choose the transaction that makes the most sense for your personal situation.

Most people say it takes about 15 minutes a month, but boy is it worth it...

For example, Jim W. tried this and told me afterward, "You have changed my life for the better. I make $1,000 to $2,000 per week."

To put that in context, that's 117% more than the maximum Social Security benefit available to seniors retiring in 2018.

Incredible, right?

Pete L. is not even old enough to be eligible for Social Security. But by applying the strategy I'll explain in a moment, he told me, "I made $460.11 the first month I tried this. Since then, my total earnings are $64,716.82."

And it's ALL legal. There's NOTHING the Social Security Administration can do to stop you from collecting these instant payouts.

As one fellow I showed this to, a recent widower named Stephen W. wrote me, it's "easier to navigate than Social Security."

But here's the thing...

A Simple Transaction Online

If the Forever Income Clause is everything I say it is, why hasn't anyone told you about it before and why is it still such a secret?


The reality is that the Forever Income Clause takes advantage of a little-known niche of the financial market.

In particular, it draws all the income from the options market.

I'll tell you up-front — when lots of folks hear the word "options" they associate it with "risk."

And yes, all investments carry risk.

But the way I recommend you use the Forever Income Clause to draw income from the options market is something entirely different. The worst case scenario, if you follow my instructions explicitly, is that you end up owning stock in some of America's best blue-chip companies. And you shouldn't never end up in a situation where you are over your head.

Most people don't understand this niche... or how to take advantage of the dozens of unusual transactions it contains. As a result, the mass public STILL doesn't understand how the Forever Income Clause can generate so much income for retirees — with little risk at all.

To get started, you first must fill out form 0717-798X and get approved by your brokerage to deposit money into the options market... using a particular secret that I've discovered. You can do this using any ordinary brokerage account.

Then, once you make a deposit, you choose how much income you want to collect upfront based on your personal financial situation.

The more you deposit, the higher your instant payouts. I recommend putting in a minimum of $25,000. Even more, if you can afford to.

But there's nothing to stop you from getting started with whatever amount you want, though many transactions require at least $5,000.

Remember, the money you deposit is yours.

It isn't loaned to the Federal government. You can even take the money you collect and add it back to your deposit, giving you the opportunity to increase your payouts in the future, if you choose.

Because the more you put in, the higher your payouts will be.

To get the maximum return possible, and safely close the transaction, there's more to it than just filling out a form...

But I can assure you — it's not hard. Especially once you learn the unique secret I've developed for doing this, which I've shown tens of thousands of people how to begin using... in less than an hour.

It all comes down to exploiting a poorly understood corner of the options market that allows you to create an extra, stable source of monthly income, which you can collect IN ADDITION to your Social Security check.

And that's exactly why I've reached out to you today.

You see, what I'm describing here is just one of literally dozens of income secrets I learned about while working the trading desk at Goldman Sachs...

As a former Wall Street trader, I always took these secrets for granted...

It was just one of the many perks of being "behind the counter"...

The reality is: What 99% of the public doesn't know is that the complexity of our financial markets and the U.S. retirement system has created hundreds of little-known opportunities like this... Unique ways of collecting hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time, with very little effort.

You just have to know how it works...

Tell Me Where to Send Your Copy

High Income Retirement

That's why I've written up all the details of the Forever Income Clause in a simple book called, High Income Retirement.

It's essentially a step-by-step guide for everything you need to know, including:

Exactly where and how to access form 0717-798X...

How this transaction works... And how to get approved for it in any U.S. brokerage account.

The proper method for selecting how much upfront income to collect, each month, for each new transaction... and then how to safely close the transaction and walk away.

For most folks, learning this information has been a life-changer...

For example, one of my readers, Vernon S., collected more than $20,000 the year I shared this idea with him. "Without reading your reports, I would still be oblivious to these strategies," he told me.

Another reader I shared this idea with, Lucinda H., emailed me to say, "My husband Jim and I bought a new 2016 Chevrolet Sonic. Our payments are approximately $405 a month. The significance of this is... that is the amount I am able to achieve each month thanks to your method. So, thank you for the car, Doc!"

And don't forget, this is simply additional income you can make ABOVE AND BEYOND what the Social Security Administration already pays you.

That's because this money comes from a source in the private markets, completely outside the U.S. government.

But it's better, because 1) you could make more money, 2) you don't have to wait till age 70, and 3) this money can ALWAYS be there for you.

Let's not forget that the Social Security Administration's Board of Trustees admitted themselves that the Social Security trust fund will be depleted by 2034.

I certainly hope that's not the case...

But are you willing to trust the government to take care of you in retirement?

OR... would you much rather have a second source of income that could help you collect far more money in retirement, more reliably, and most importantly, at any age you'd like to begin collecting it?

If the answer is yes, I'd be happy to ship a copy of my book to your door right now... explaining exactly how the Forever Income clause works...

Plus, I'll give you something else...

You Can't Get This Anywhere Else

You see, throughout my 40-year career, I've tapped into over 22 different income streams, ranging from the conventional to the outright "bizarre."

For example, I once invested in private farmland, and received an income stream of $1,250 PER YEAR just for participating.

I've developed income streams from wine stores and restaurants.

I've found ways to make 99% higher capital gains on blue chip stocks.

And by and large, what I've found is that the clever folks who like to read the "fine print" in life often get a whole lot more during retirement than those who don't.

That was the case back in 2010...

At the time, I was fascinated by stories of clever strategies some people were using to increase their Social Security checks.

My company began broadcasting information on how you could get what we called an "interest free loan from the government."

Sounds too good to be true, right?

But when we first came across that information, it was 100% real and legal. In fact, anyone old enough to collect Social Security could do it.

My company was flooded with messages from folks thanking us for sharing this idea.

Like Paul F. who told us,

The timing of your information was fortuitous and helpful for me... It worked to the tune of nearly a 40% boost... keep on providing information on Social Security, people should know. They won't get it from the Social Security Administration."

Ed M. said...

"Your maximizing retirement benefits from Social Security have been a winner... I am happy to say that my Social Security retirement benefits have been increased by over $1,000 a month."

Helen T. wrote...

"I am now collecting $2,300 a month instead of the former $1,700. A huge help to me."

Beth W. wrote...

"I purchased [your] 9 page report. I recommended it to my parents and it resulted in an almost 10% increase in their total social security benefit -with an inflation rider! There is nothing on the commercial market that can compare — bravo!"

And Fred W. told me he used this idea to get $600 more from Social Security every month.

Of course, when the public learned how to get this "interest-free loan," so many people began taking advantage of it, the government changed the rules in 2010.

You might find it immoral that I would publish ideas like this...

But to me, it's crazy and sad that some people who know the rules can get more money than others who don't.

After all, you paid into the system and deserve to get every penny you possibly can. You shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get what you deserve.

And that's why I'm going one step further today...

An Extra Bonus You'll Love...

In addition to searching for little-known tricks to maximize your Social Security income, I spend my days researching and writing about how to enjoy a wealthier retirement... even if you don't have a lot of money in the bank.

Big Book of Retirement Secrets

So in addition to sending you my new book on the Forever Income Clause, I also want to send you a copy of a book my team and I put together, which I believe will be of enormous benefit to you. I call it my Big Book of Retirement Secrets.

The title says it all...

It is a huge collection of all my best ideas on how to live a great retirement.

It's filled with secrets on how to get a lot more money from your investment portfolio... how to get extra money without working or investing... "loopholes" in the insurance and healthcare systems... ways to get free travel, free golf, luxurious upgrades... ways to get the world's best healthcare at huge discounts, and much, much more.

For example, you'll learn about:

Retirement Secret #14: A unique, little-known IRS "loophole" worth an extra $15,000 tax-free a year. Are you interested in the easiest way to make up to $15,000... and LEGALLY not pay a penny in taxes on this income?

We call it the "Masters Exemption." It's one of our favorite, strangest "retirement secrets" in the U.S. tax code. If you own a home or a condo, you qualify for it, no matter which state you live in. I'll explain how I've used it to make enough tax-free income from this loophole to take several nice vacations each year. It will probably take you 4 to 5 hours total to execute. (page 37)

Retirement Secret #23: 5 Medical Tests You Should Avoid at All Costs. Some commonly prescribed exams are not only unnecessary, they can actually be dangerous. Never forget: the medical industry is a business... and I'll explain exactly what you should do and say to your doctor to protect yourself and your loved ones. (page 245)

Retirement Secret #30: Get 50% Off Your Cable Bill. The cable companies never advertise this secret, but you can take advantage of it with a single 10-minute phone call... and cut your cable bill significantly. (page 430)

Retirement Secret #19: The "Dividend Boost." Here's something else most folks aren't aware of: A corporate "hack" lets you collect $5,000... $10,000... even $30,000 or more in extra income... starting with very little cash. You see, some U.S. companies have programs that will pay you dividends that can grow to be five — or even 10 times — bigger than normal over time. I'll show you how to sign up for these programs — totally legal, 100% safe, and available to anyone who asks... (page 99)

And this is just the beginning.

This book is more than 500 pages, packed with nearly 250 clever ways to get more money from the government, the financial markets, and banks...

But don't just take my word for it: My Big Book of Retirement Secrets is rated online, garnering a 4 star average rating, which very few books receive.

Big Book of Retirement Secrets

My Big Book of Retirement Secrets currently sells for $29 online. But I want to send you a free copy, as part of this package. I'll send you a digital version of this book immediately, so you can start taking advantage of these ideas right away... And have the convenience of reading on your Kindle, iPad, tablet, or computer...

There's more too...

In addition to receiving a printed and digital copy of my book, High Income Retirement, as well as a digital copy of my Big Book of Retirement Secrets, you'll also receive FIVE of my most important and recent Retirement Millionaire Research Reports:

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #1: How to Collect 'Overnight' Income

In this report, I’ll show you a little-known way to immediately make "overnight" income on what I consider must-own investments... while assuming less risk than buying ordinary shares. Do this correctly and you could safely collect at least 400% more income.

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #2: The One Social Security Trick Every American Couple Must Know

Almost everything I’ve seen advertised in the past few years about how to get more from Social Security is garbage. Most of these ideas aren't practical at all, and apply to a miniscule portion of retirees. But in this report, I detail a strategy we've uncovered that anyone can use to make Social Security payments last longer than you’d ever expect.

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #3: How to Get Extra Money Every Month — Without Working or Investing

In this report, I’ll show you how to withdraw from an IRA at any age (with no penalty!). I’ll also show you a document you might be sitting on right now that could be worth $100,000 or more... How to extract free silver from the U.S. banking system... and more...

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #4: Retirement Guide to Freebies

This report explains how to get all the best stuff in retirement at a huge discount or essentially free, in some cases. Like how to take a free California wine vacation (just pay airfare)... how to rent an RV for just $30 a day... cut everyday shopping and restaurant bills by 40% or more... and even how to play a free 18 holes of golf at any course.

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #5: How to Instantly Increase the Power of Your Retirement Savings by 200%

If you have any cash set aside for emergencies, I've found a clever way to at least triple the value of that cash overnight, and give you peace of mind that you won’t ever outlive your money.

There's more too....

As part of this deal, I also want to send you a full one-year subscription to my monthly research reports... called Retirement Millionaire.

Today, I devote practically all my time to traveling the country and uncovering the world’s best opportunities for retirees...

On the second Wednesday of every month, I’ll send you my Retirement Millionaire reports on my absolute favorite financial and retirement opportunities.

Occasionally, I also send out a mid-month update when I see something you need to be alerted to immediately...

For example, when newspapers, doctors, and even the CDC were panicking about the threat of H5N1 influenza, I did my research, uncovered the genotype of the virus and sent out a mid-month update to assure readers that it was simply the common cold making its way around the U.S., and not to worry. I even debunked the myth that cholesterol was bad for you years before the mainstream press paid the theory any attention...

You may have read other newsletters before, but I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like Retirement Millionaire. Again, as part of this deal, you’ll get a full one-year subscription, 12 monthly reports in all, which will include up-to-the-minute information on everything you need to know to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement.

Normally, an annual subscription to my Retirement Millionaire letter costs $199...

But today, you won’t pay anything near that amount. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, here’s how it works...

Tell Me Where to Ship Your Book

FIRST, make a payment of just $49 and I’ll ship you a printed copy of my book High Income Retirement, which explains everything behind the “the Forever Income Clause” and how to learn to start using it right away. I’ll put a copy in the mail, immediately, and it will arrive shortly after, on your front doorstep. I’m convinced you’ll thank me forever for this deal!

As soon as you place your order, you’ll immediately receive a digital copy of my book High Income Retirement, and a digital copy of my Big Book of Retirement Secrets, so you can begin taking advantage of these ideas away.

Over the next month, you’ll also receive my monthly advisory, Retirement Millionaire, where I share all the retirement secrets I uncover full time, normally $199 per year alone.

And of course, within minutes of placing your order, you’ll receive access to all 5 of my special retirement reports...

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #1: How to Collect 'Overnight' Income.

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #2: The One Social Security Trick Every American Couple Must Know.

RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #3: How to Get Extra Money Every Month — Without Working or Investing.

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RETIREMENT MILLIONAIRE REPORT #5: How to Instantly Increase the Power of Your Retirement Savings by 200%.

Everything you see here...

Order Now!

Why am I doing this, you’re probably wondering? Why are we offering a printed copy of my book explainaing “The Forever Income Clause,” a digital copy of my 500-plus page book of secrets and everything else I’ve described here, for just $49?

Well, here’s how we look at it...

I believe every retiree in America faces complex challenges.

There’s so much misinformation out there—and the unfortunate fact is that retirees are constant targets of various rip-off schemes. I see this every day, even with members of my own family. And it burns me up. So I am doing something about it...

The simple fact is, I can definitely help you have a better, richer, and more rewarding retirement. It’s what I’m uniquely qualified to do...

That why entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach, Tony Robbins once wrote..

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High Income Retirement

user By Erik F.

five stars!Short and effective

Doc Eifrig knows his business, and he shares some very simple, yet effective techniques in a way I could understand. Options used to be so elusive to me, but I have a decent grasp on how to use them to increase my profits in steady increments and reduce risk. I gleaned a great deal of knowledge in this relatively quick read.

user By Rhonda F.

five stars!Opened my eyes

Simple to understand. Short of Doc holding my hand, I feel like I can do this on my own. Thanks for taking the time to explain this.

user By Brent G.

five stars!Simple and common sense approach

Lots of examples and breaks down confusing concepts into simple explanations. Looking forward to putting the ideas into action quickly.

user By Roger W.

five stars!I would recommend highly

Written in simple terms for the novice investor. I would recommend highly.

Big Book of Retirement Secrets

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five stars!Must-have for retirement years

This book is wonderfully written and easy to understand. The information it contains can save hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars. Great job Doc!! Every person should read this and not wait until you are retired.

user By DCC

five stars!A book that every household needs for retirement

Excellent book and sent a copy to my daughter and her husband to help them prepare for their retirement.

user By George B.

five stars!Money well spent

I already started using some of the ideas out of this book the very first day. Well worth the money spent.

user By Jon M.

five stars!Great job Dr. E

I have subscribed to Dr. Eifrig's newsletter for several years now. This is a great compilation of his best ideas and new ideas I have not seen him talk about before. As a fellow physician, I find his simplistic approach easy enough that anyone can follow. This is an easy must-read for all!

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